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An open lecture of Spanish anthropologist was held at MSTU


On November 15, Miguel Angel Julián Carrillo, founder of the Spanish National Association of Arctic and Antarctic (ANARAN), visited MSTU. The researcher gave a lecture during which he told the audience about his scientific works related to the Russian North.

Miguel Angel was born in Barcelona. He studied Physics and Computer Science but always has been passionate about the Arctic.

Miguel started to travel to remote and isolate places of Siberia and The Arctic, lived with indigenous peoples, studied their lives, culture and traditions.
In 2012, he joined the University of the Arctic to study a Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies, where he specialized in Indigenous Peoples of Siberia.

Miguel also told about his most ambitious project. He wants to take a family of reindeer herders from the Russian Arctic, for instance, Chukchi, Nenets or Saami, for a few weeks to the Himalayas or Andes so that they can live with other nomads – yak and lama herders.

Miguel also showed videos about his expeditions: the 19-minute film "Arctic’s life" and the trailer of the film "Unknown Territories: Ice and Nomads in the Russian Arctic".

Some participants of the meeting asked why Miguel was interested in the Russian Arctic, not other areas of Arctic. He replied that there were many experts in the other zones but a few ones on the Russian Arctic.

The lecture of the Spanish anthropologist was exceedingly interesting and aroused keen interest among the students of MSTU. They had a lot of questions afterward, and Miguel answered them with pleasure.

Miguel is planning to make short films about inhabitants of the Arctic region, tell about their lives, and visit remote villages and live with indigenous peoples. At the end of the lecture, the Spanish scientist answered questions of students, and also told about his book "Siberian Arctic" – the first edition about this region, released in Spanish.