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MSTU: Dutch visiting «resultoholics»


MSTU was visited by a representative delegation of the Netherlands headed by the Consul General in St. Petersburg Mr. Hans Wesseling.

The vice-consul, members of the mission were among the guests as well as persons who were brought to Murmansk by business and public interests and, in particular, twinning city of Murmansk – Dutch Groningen. Implementation of students academic mobility, cooperation of maritime universities, especially on safety of offshore development, and even healthy human aging were issues to be discussed.

In his welcoming remarks Mr. Sergey Agarkov, the Rector of Murmansk State Technical University, characterized the university as one of the anchors that hold young northerners at home shores contributing to the preservation and development of the regional human capital. He also stressed the extreme importance of expanding and improving international, including university, ties, especially in areas such as technology, environment, law of the sea.

Small talk with guests quickly turned to a lively dialogue, which extremely pleased Mr. Wesseling. Consul General of the Netherlands, by his own admission, more than twenty years, went into the sea, so the sea and Arctic priorities Murmansk State Technical University proved it could not be more similar and interesting. In addition, it turned out that his grandfather led one of the universities in the Netherlands, and was one of the few foreign doctors who were lucky enough to work in Moscow by academician Ivan Pavlov.

Consistently increasing role of universities in modern high technology society was among the topics covered during the meeting. How to stimulate Arctic shelf exploration, development of twin-cities relations, organization of student exchange and even post-industrial design in the architecture of the capital of the Kola region.

Although the visit of the guests from the Netherlands was official in nature, a meeting brought its first practical results. Thus, at the beginning of next year, MSTU will participate in the two-day forum of maritime universities from the Netherlands and Russia "Days of Maritime Competence" which will be supported by the Netherlands Consulate General in St. Petersburg. Concrete steps of students exchange were outlined as well as certain ideas for cultural projects.

In addition, as the guests told next year a team of lighting designers from the Netherlands will come for celebration of the 100th Murmansk anniversary.

At the end of the meeting Sergey Agarkov expressed satisfaction with its results stressing that MSTU presents a team of "rezultatoholics" and, therefore, any practical result will always be welcome here.