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Summer school within CITISET project in Samara


The Seminar provided an excellent opportunity for each participant to represent outcomes and outputs of his work and answer the counterparts’ questions. Round table "Prospects for further development of Intelligent Transport Systems" can be outlined as an important part of Summer School which caused a large interest and active discussion. It was used as a platform for sharing results and achievements in the area of transport and transport flows management optimization with communication and information technologies. What is worth mentioning Summer School activities contributed to an active and open dialogue between universities – and administration – and business representatives of Samara region.
A final point of Training Seminar under control and assistance of Valeriy Papshev, Associate Professor of SSTU, became a training "Practices in Traffic Safety and Management of Traffic Flows with Special Software" which provided to each one an opportunity to redistribute traffic flows at one of the most intensive town crossroads on the example of a computer model so as to optimize to the utmost traffic movement.
We can’t but mention hospitality and warmth of a host university as well as professionalism to arrange high-quality, instructive and efficient meeting. It managed to combine both wide range of academic issues and informative and interesting excursions.
MSTU was represented by Marine Academy staff Alexandr Suslov, Ass.Pr., and Sergey Holichev, PhD, and project coordinator Ekaterina Zvonkova.
The following meeting within CITISET project plan is supposed to take place in Murmansk and relate to Intelligent Transport Systems PhD Program issues.

The project is co-financed from EU TEMPUS funding