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Barents Sea Youth Conference 2012, Hammerfest


Traditionally Barents Youth Conference 2012 is taking place in Hammerfest from 20th to 22nd of April. It is planned to gather 80-100 students from the Barents region.
Main theme: "Powering up the Arctic" Young competence needed, how to get it?
Invited speakers from the oil- and gas industry, renewable energy and Statoil, during a visit to Melkøya, will address issues such as:

  • Global energy challenges
  • What are the needs for competence within the oil- and gas industry?
  • Recruitment internationally, both to the institutions and the energy sectors.
  • What are the needs for education, internationally?
  • Education needs and possibilities in a Barents perspective.

The conference offers a common meeting place where the industry and future labor can share information.
This conference offers students perfect opportunities to meet representatives from the industry and get an insight on the job possibilities, be updated on today's situation in the Barents region and expand your personal network.

Before arrival the participants will work in groups at home with different topics and the result will be presented on Saturday. The students will then be divided into new groups by mixing the nationalities and universities. During this workshop the same topics will be discussed and the new results will be presented on Sunday.

Students of our university are welcome to participate in the Conference. We are sure that various activities create them a great opportunity to gain and exchange valuable international experience.

For more detailed information of conference participation terms and conditions, please, contact:
International Cooperation Department
Contact person: Elena Moiseenko
E-mail: MoiseenkoEA@mstu.edu.ru
Telefax: 23 31 12
More info: http://www.barentshavkonferansen.no/youth-conference/