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The BART Project Working Meeting Took Place in Pitea (Sweden) 9-10 November


The meeting and the workshop were held to sum up the work results on making analytical review of tourism educational resources in participating regions. Murmansk State Technical University was represented by Natalia Anikeeva, Head of International Cooperation Department, and Tatyana Mulina, researcher on the project from MSHU Sociological Research Center.
The member countries, namely Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia (Murmansk region and Arkhangelsk region) presented the results of their work and described their regions' potential in the tourism sector. This included educational institutions that offer Bachelor and Master degree programmes, as well as additional education and retraining programmes.
The participants were also told about the main tourist attractions in the cities of Pitea and Boden.
According to the work plan, the next project stage will include a survey among the companies in the tourism industry in order to find out their previous experience, demands, needs for international cooperation and expectations. The survey will be conducted by students that have completed a training course in the Lapland institute for tourism Research and Education. The survey results will be analyzed and announced.
The participants also had a chance to visit the famous fortress Rodbergforte, the biggest military investment in Sweden that stopped working in 1998. They also saw the unique tree hotel and had a stroll in the park together with the famous Swedish 18-century naturalist Daniel Solander.