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Representatives of Finnish universities in Rovaniemi and Kajaani visited MSTU


From April 14 to 17 representatives of Lapland University of Applied Sciences and the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (Finland) visited MSTU.

The structure of the Finnish delegation includes Head of Master’s Degree Programmes in Lapland of Applied Sciences, second in command in RD-department Veikko Kärnä, lecturer, project manager of Mining Education project at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences Jarmo Happonen, Head of Education in the Department of Industry and Natural Resources, second in command at Technical Faculty of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences Hannu Kähkölä, senior lecturer, project manager of Mining Education project in Rovaniemi (Lapland University of Applied Sciences) Lauri Saarelainen, lecturer, project manager in Mining Education project in Kemi (Lapland University of Applied Sciences) Tuomas Pussila, expert in international Mining Education project Eine Pöllänen.

– For many years, we have been working very closely with the universities in Finland. We know that the educational system in Finland, as well as in Russia, is undergoing the process of optimization and schools consolidation process. It is very important for us to continue international cooperation in the field of engineering education. Today our university is one of the leading and largest universities specializing in marine education in in the Northwest of. In addition, we are training sufficiently large number of engineering personnel for the regional economy, including the mining industry. Your visit would will be another step in the further cooperation development. I think we will succeed in the development of engineering education, – said Vice-rector for academic affairs Ludmila Gerashchenko.

Finnish guest were given a presentation about MSTU by the Head of International Cooperation Department Natalia Anikeeva. She talked about the university structure, programs for specialist training implemented by the university, equipment facilities of MSTU. Moreover, Natalia Anikeeva stressed that since 1991 Murmansk State Technical University has been the ship-owner of the tall-ship "Sedov" which is the largest training sailing vessel in the world. In 2012-2013 she made first in her history round-the-world voyage.

As stressed by Natalia Anikeeva, MSTU has extensive international contacts with foreign educational institutions. The universities in Finland and Norway are among the most important partners. The first cooperation agreement with universities located in Rovaniemi and Kemi-Tornio, was signed in 1996. Today we continue to implement various partnership programs, including BCBU cooperation.

Veikko Kärnä noted that Lapland University of Applied Sciences trains students at four faculties: Health, Industry and Natural Resources, Business and Culture, as well as at Tourism faculty.

– In addition to bachelor's degree programs, students can study at master’s degree program in the field of tourism. The total amount of students enrolled in the university is 5,600. The annual University turnover is EUR 43 million, of which up to 8 million is spent on research and development of infrastructure, – said Veikko Kärnä.

He also highlighted that the annual turnover of the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is less than the annual turnover of Lapland University of Applied Sciences and makes EUR 19 million. 25 percent of the budget spent on research.

During the meeting issues of the development of joint educational courses, summer school for students, development of academic mobility between institutions were discussed. During the visit to the laboratories at the Department of Automation and Computer Engineering of the Polytechnic Institute director Andre Viskov told about modern training equipment developed by students and PhD students.

In the nearest future the Finnish delegation will visit MSTU Apatity Branch to discuss cooperation in the field of training specialists in mining.