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Start of the new international project «Sustainable Buildings for the High North «


How important is the project idea? Over the last decade, energy efficiency for buildings and houses became one of the priorities in Russia. It is especially important today, when internal electricity prices tripled since 2000 what constitutes direct economic incentives for utilization of energy efficiency buildings technologies. Even more, laws and regulations developed during recent years as well as new potential industrial projects in the Russian Arctic (oil & gas fields’ development, new ports and logistics sector, forestry and etc.) provide additional business stimulus to supply efficient building technologies to the region. Scandinavian companies have good experience and competence developing and utilizing energy efficient building technologies on home markets and internationally.

Through cross-border business cooperation with Russian partners, Scandinavian companies can set up a foothold grasp business opportunities of the Russian market of energy efficient building technologies. In addition, efficient cross-border cooperation will contribute to social and economic development and growth of the High North in general. However, the Russian market of efficient building technologies is still on the development stage, hence comprehensive survey and assessment are needed to understand its real business potential.
The project aims to establish a virtual market arena for commercial and R&D activities aimed at building technology in cold climate, based on the surveys and technology development performed by the project group itself. The market arena will thus act as a contact point for companies and institutions that:

• aim to enter the Russian market and establish business in Russia;
• want to join projects, establish cooperation and/or enter into contracts with Russian partners;
• want to display new products and offer services in the Barents region;
• want to gain more technical knowledge in specific fields.

The 2-year project is financed within the Kolarctic ENPI-CBC program. It includes the participants from higher educational institutions of all Scandinavian countries and in particular Narvik University College (Norway), University of Nordland (Norway), Umea University (Sweden), Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Finland). On behalf of Russia MSTU is presented by Prof. Vladimir Malyshev, Head of Energy and Transport Department; and Vladimir Kurenkov, Senior Lecturer of Energy and Transport Department . Every partner is responsible for separate work packages. As for the Russian experts, they have to develop proposals for new and further harmonized cross-border requirements and regulations for energy, MCI (materials, constructions and installations), and operation and maintenance, taking into consideration the experience, technologies and other materials arranged by the partners, as well as requirements of the building market and national legislation.
The kick-off meeting took place on March, 10th – 13th in Rovaniemi, Finland. MSTU was represented by V. Malyshev and Senior Specialists of the International Cooperation Department E. Zvonkova. and K. Brevnova responsible for the project coordinating tasks.