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The Research Council of Norway visits MSTU


UTENRIKS is a research programme on international relations, foreign and security policy and Norwegian interests.
The UTENRIKS programme provides funding for research on international relations and foreign and security policy to provide essential knowledge for Norwegian policy development. Activities focus on global processes, economic and political development at large and their impact on Norway and Norway's relations with the world. [from UTENRIKS official website https://www.forskningsradet.no/en/about-the-research-council/programmes/UTENRIKS/ ].

Kristin Høiby, senior advisor and programme coordinator, mentioned that for the first time in the context of implementing similar programmes it was decided to collect suggestions and proposals from universities, Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Foundation for Basic Research for determining thematic priorities to make a roadmap for a new research support program. Cooperation with Russia will be supported within the NORRUS programme, which will be integrated in the structure of UTENRIKS. Norway will allocate 42 million NOK to support projects with partners in the High North, and 18 million NOK to support projects with Russia.

Kristin Høiby also introduced some examples of scientific cooperation thematic priorities between Norway and China.

The meeting assembled the most engaged in international cooperation departments of MSTU and MASU, as well as Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences.