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The essential issues have been considered at the international scientific seminar «Societal Development through International Academic Cooperation»


On 11th of February, 2014 the international scientific seminar "Societal Development through International Academic Cooperation" was held at the University of Nordland (Bodø, Norway) which is one of the oldest MSTU partner university. This seminar brought together all partners of the joint international projects initiated by the High North Center of Business and Governance, University of Nordland. MSTU was represented at the seminar by Svetlana Derkach, Vice-rector for Research, Professor; Natalia Anikeeva, Head of International Cooperation Department and Elena Kuznetsova, Associate Professor, Department of Management, Institute of Economics, Management and the International Relations.

The participants summed up the interim results and discussed future plans within the current international projects between MSTU and University of Nordland called "BUDRUS: Local Government Budgeting Reforms in Russia: Implications and Tensions" and "Arctic Bridge: Cooperation on PhD Education and Research Training in the Field of Management in Extractive Industries in the High North". The working meeting about a new joint scientific project in the field of safety at sea in the Arctic was also held. A pre-project stage of the new Norwegian-Russian scientific project (with MSTU participation) was successfully completed and all necessary project documents were collected and sent as application to Research Council of Norway.

The international scientific seminar was devoted to the 60th anniversary celebration of the director of the High North Center for Business and Governance in Bodø Graduate School of Business, professor Frode Mellemvik. In honour of this event the collection of articles was published about the best practices of the international projects implementation under the leadership of professor Frode Mellemvik. The collection included publications by Svetlana Derkach, Igor Neshatayev and Elena Kuznetsova.

In a festive atmosphere the delegation of MSTU congratulated Mr. Frode Mellevmik on behalf of the Acting rector Sergey Agarkov and university staff.