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On November 16, 2012, 8 lecturers of MSTU successfully completed the course of advanced English language


On November 16, 2012 certificates were granted to 8 lecturers of MSTU who have taken an advanced course of English language within the framework of the international project "Establishing the EU Centre in Barents Region of Russia" that is co-financed by the European Union.
During the course teachers studied various aspects of English grammar at the Upper-Intermediate level such as Passive Voice, Inversion, Conditional Sentences, Reported Speech, Subordinate Clauses and etc. They also had got an opportunity to master translation techniques, the art of academic writing and speaking in public, making presentation, improve their listening comprehension skills, significantly extend their vocabulary, learn modern pronunciation and grammar norms of English language.
Within the English course the following topics were covered:
– Recent scientific achievements
– Business ethics
– Effective public speaking
– Verbal and non-verbal communication
– Rules of ppt slides drafting
– CV and academic CV writing
– Lexical and grammatical standards of contemporary English language
Upon course completion lecturers made the presentations of the new courses on the EU issues which they are planning to develop during the project implementation period:
"Topical challenges of the European integration and EU innovation policy at the present stage" – Elena Saenkova, PhD in philosophy, Professor Assistant, Department of International Economic Relations, Institute of Economy, Management and International Relations;
"Introduction of the European practices of waste management in the North-West of the Russian Federation" – Natalia Pliusnina, senior lecture, Department of Environmental Engineering and Ecology;
"Environmental Changes as a Challenges for Sustainable Development in Europe" – Zhanna Vasilyeva, PhD in engineering, Professor Assistant, Department of Environmental Engineering and Ecology;
"European Union and Russia: the background of partnership and competition" – Oxana V. Savateeva, PhD in philosophy, Professor assistant, Head of Department of Foreign Languages for specific purpose, Law and Humanities Faculty;
"Large European Cities in the System of World Community" – Natalya Anikeeva, Head of International Cooperation Department;
"Fishery management in the Barents region as an integrated part of the European Union fishery system" – Konstantin Alloyarov, PhD in engineering, Senior lecturer, Technologies of Fish Processing Department;
"Electronic document and records management system in Russia in comparison with the approaches to electronic document organization in the European Union" – Yana Glukhikh, PhD in philosophy, Professor assistant, Department of Foreign Languages for specific purpose, Law and Humanities Faculty;
"Approaches to sustainable development management in the European Union" – Svetlana V. Petrova, Senior lecturer, Department of Economics, Institute of Economy, Management and International Relations.

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