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Professors of Oslo School of Architecture and Design visited MSTU


On November 13, professors of Oslo School of Architecture and Design Peter Paludan Hemmersam and Janike Kampevold Larsen visited MSTU to exchange experience and talk about plans for further cooperation with the largest technical university in the Polar Region.

Peter Hemmersam is an architect from the Aarhus School of Architecture. In 2008 he received his PhD, he wrote a thesis "From Shopping Center to City – Research of Integrated Shopping Center." Peter is researching urban design. He is currently studying digital cities, Arctic urbanism and suburban landscapes of the Oslo region. He teaches urban design and the history and theory of urban design. Peter is the head of the Centre for Urban and Landscape Studies at Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Janike Larsen is an associate professor at the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape. Larsen holds a PhD (Dr.Art) in Literature. She has been a visiting scholar to Columbia University, Department of Art and Archaeology, to the University of Essex, Department of Philosophy and to UC Berkeley, Department of Comparative Literature.
Janike is the project leader of the RCN-funded project Future North, a project that researches Northern and Arctic landscapes and territories, and she coordinates work to establish a program in Landscape Architecture at the University of Tromsø.

Representatives of the university administration and the Department of Construction, Heat power engineering and Transport told about the main directions of the university activity and about participation in the international Green Arctic Building project, which is funded by Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020. Vice-rector for Research Konstantin Alloyarov told about the use of remotely piloted aircraft.

Then Peter Hemmersam and Janike Larsen presented the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape, which is part of Oslo School of Architecture and Design. They described their experience in participating in projects on urban planning and Arctic urbanism. Peter focused on a circular economy and its main principles: renewal of resources through recycling. This could allow giving new life to buildings built in the middle of the last century.

The head of the Department of Construction, Heat power engineering Svetlana Buryachenko received an invitation to the meeting of builders and architects, which will take place in Oslo in January 2020. The main theme of the meeting will be a further development of projects, an increase of participating universities, exchange of knowledge, experience and achievements between teachers, students, architects and builders of our countries. The area of research is finding construction and architecture solutions that would help stop or delay climate change.

The visit continued with an open lecture by Peter Paludan Hemmersam, "The Past, Present and Future of Arctic Cities," which focused on the phases of Arctic urbanism development in Canada, Norway, Russia and Greenland over the past century, as well as new challenges for urban planning in the Arctic. The lecture attracted much interest from students and faculty, many of whom asked their questions to a professor from Oslo.