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International Academic Community Focused on Urban Planning in the Arctic


The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) attracted experts from Norway and Russia working in the field of urban planning, architecture and design in the Arctic to "Focusing on the North" seminar (March 12th -13th). The meeting was initiated by the Norwegian side – Ole Gustavsen, AHO rector and Nedzad Zdralovich, project coordinator between Norway and Russia from Troms og Finnmark County Municipality Administraion.

Representatives from 12 universities in Russia and Norway, engaged in research activities and student training within architecture, urban planning and wooden house construction in the Arctic attended the seminar. Attendees talked about their universities, programs and projects implemented at the universities, got to know each other and agreed upon further cooperation.

Svetlana Buriachenko, acting Head of the Department of Construction, Power Engineering and Transport, delivered a paper "City-Planning Features of the Kola Peninsula Urban Areas Development" and presented "Green Arctic Building" Kolarctic CBC programme at the seminar.

As a sum up, Ole Gustavsen, AHO rector, highlighted the importance to develop further cooperation between the universities within the following possible directions:

– Return visits of Norwegian researchers to Russian universities;

–Academic stuff exchange to provide an expert opinion/assessment of students' research papers (become a member of the board of examiners);

– Develop and incorporate joint courses that share a common subject, are taken by Russian and Norwegian students simultaneously, and have a common board of examiners;

– Student exchange to participate in short courses, field studies and expeditions;

– Set up "International Workshop" project at Russian participating universities, using English as a language of instruction. This will allow to hold 1-2 semester student exchange programmes and invite world-class professors/lecturers;

– Receive grants for joint research projects (using as well the European Union and the Nordic Council grant programmes).