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MSTU discusses possibilities for cooperation with Geodezicheskie Pribory representatives


Konstantin Panov and Mikhail Alekseev, representing "Geodezicheskie Pribory" company, negotiated potential ways for cooperation between "Geodezicheskie Pribory" company and MSTU.

The company has a great experience cooperating with universities and carrying out educational as well as research activities. As one of the examples of mutual collaboration, "Geodezicheskie Pribory" staff can deliver MSTU students a lecture course on introduction to Geodesy and modern geodetic technical solutions.

The company would also like to provide its equipment to carry a "BIM-technologies in design" activity for senior students using state-of-the-art devices. The lecturers are encouraged to take advanced training courses held by ITMO University and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, where "Geodezicheskie Pribory" staff serve as expert capacity.

The most high-flying blueprint set forward to Konstantin Alloyarov, the vice-rector for research, which is yet to be deliberated carefully by the University's administration, is establishing a geodesic testing ground at MSTU.
Svetlana Buriachenko, Head of the Department of Construction, was invited to attend an expert meeting as part of the "Smart City" program implementation in Vologda region (the city of Cherepovets).