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MSTU student Alexey Petukhov heads the 2011 World Cup sprint race


Russian sportsmen, 2010 Olympic Games bronze medal holder, the student of MSTU Institute of Distance Learning Alexey Petukhov won the ski race of 4th stage 2011 World Cup in Davos (Switzerland).

"It’s hard to share emotions just after I’ve finished, – said Petukhov in the interview to News agency "Ves Sport". – But now I’m realizing what I’ve made. And I’m very glad! Of course, this competition was hard enough, because Davos is the high place and oxygen is hardly received. The striving for the gold medal helped me. In 2009 I was the third in Davos race, in 2010 I hold the second position and now I become the winner. Despite the tiredness I won".

Alexey Petukhov has 208 scores. The second is Swedish sportsmen Teodor Peterson (175 scores). The third position holds Norwegian skier Ola Vigen Hattestad. Another Russian sportsmen Nikita Kriukov holds the sixth position with 66 scores, ITAR-TASS reports.