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Kolarctic ENPI CBC workshop in Murmansk


MSTU International Cooperation Department staff took part in the Kolarctic ENPI CBC workshop held in the "Meridian" Congress Hotel September 8 and 9.
The Kolarctic Programme is a part of European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument founded by the European Union. The programme objective is to maintain cross border cooperation between North Calotte (which includes the provinces of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark in Norway, the province of Lapland in Finland and the province of Norbotten in Sweden) and the North-West of Russia.
The workshop was organized to give the applicants general information about the programme 3rd call. The participants studied present cross border problems and opportunities that can be addressed under the Kolarctic plan. They also worked on developing project logical structure and activities based budget.
Every programme call attracts new applicants; they are public organizations (for example, MSHU, MHI and other higher education institutions) and a lot of private companies. The big number of competitors and limited funding make the task even more challenging. MSTU is planning three projects to be applied in the 3rd call, namely, ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), Practice Modules and BART2. International Cooperation Department will do a lot of work on project development and application.