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MSTU students took part in the annual summer programme «Business Practice in Norway»


The "Business practice in Norway" is held every summer at Bodø Graduate School of Business of the University of Nordland. From the beginning of the program in 2003, it was designed for Russian students studying economics and business in St. Petersburg, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. Traditionally, the hallmark of the program is visiting specialized Norwegian businesses and learning about the Norwegian style of business – administration. Taking into consideration the growing interest in the energy potential of the Far North, associated logistical challenges and increasing demands for environmental sustainability, the organizers of the program focused on the energy companies and their ways of overcoming these difficulties. The twelfth "Business practice in Norway" held in August 2014, was devoted to the experience of small and medium-sized businesses operating in the Far North under conditions created for them by the government. In particular, the program covered the following industries as the most remarkable in Bodø region: energy (oil and gas business, water), supply industry, waste management, mining business, logistics and transportation, education and employment.
Murmansk State Technical University was represented by five students and two PhD students; for most of the participants it has been the first trip to Norway. The students were very satisfied with both the programme content and cultural events, and expressed their appreciation to the organizers of the twelfth Business Practice in Norway.