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Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Iceland Arni Thor Sigurdsson visited Murmansk State Technical University


On the 10th of September, 2020 Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Iceland Arni Thor Sigurdsson, during his study visit to Murmansk region, visited Murmansk State Technical University.

This year is an anniversary year for the largest technical university in the region, therefore at the beginning of the meeting, MSTU Vice-Rector for Strategic Development Sergey Dubrovin introduced Mr. Arni Thor Sigurdsson and the sales representative of the Embassy of Iceland in Moscow Ilona Vasilyeva to the main milestones of the history of the university. The vice-rector for scientific work of MSTU Konstantin Alloyarov made a presentation to the guests, noting the importance of international cooperation. During a tour of the legendary "higher seaworker," university guests were told about the military training center, the practice of MSTU cadets on the famous Sedov sailboat, now owned by the Kaliningrad State Technical University. Bark repeatedly visited the ports of Iceland, so it is well acquainted with Mr. Ambassador.

"I would like to emphasize the importance of cooperation between Akureyri University and MSTU. The experience of the official representative of Iceland in the Arctic Council allows me to talk about the relevance of conducting scientific research and the development of this particular region. I am well acquainted with the activities of Akureyri University, whose leadership assured me of the resumption of cooperation with MSTU immediately after the lifting of restrictive measures. It is especially important to resume joint projects in the field of scientific research, exchange of experience between students and faculty of universities, "said Mr. Sigurdsson.

Also during the visit, guests of honor visited the educational and laboratory complexes of the Department of Automation and Computer Engineering of MSTU, the navigation simulator of the Center for Marine Conventional Training, and the laboratory of 3D modeling of oil and gas processes.

"Founded as an educational institution that trains personnel for working in the fishing industry fleets, Murmansk State Technical University for 70 years of successful history has significantly expanded the list of educational programs. Along with shipbuilding, technosphere safety, oil and gas business, heat power and other areas strategically important for the region, MSTU annually produces specialists in the field of aquatic bioresources and aquaculture in the Arctic region, "said Sergey Dubrovin.

Mr. Ambassador was shown the laboratories of the Department of Biology and Aquatic Bioresources and a unique fish-breeding module, the creation of which is nearing completion.

Icelandic guests and representatives of the MSTU leadership agreed to establish even closer ties in the direction of education and science at the international level.

Iceland is one of the world leaders in the field of fisheries. To a large extent, the achievement of such results is facilitated by the level of quality of education and the regular application of innovation. Therefore, the cooperation of MSTU and the University of the Twin City of Murmansk Akureyri will contribute to the development of the industry and the region as a whole.