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Don't miss your chance to apply for a grant for training or internship in the USA!


More than a thousand Russian scientists, students and teachers have already received the Fulbright grant. And you have a chance!

* Fulbright Program, is one of the largest international educational exchange programs designed to improve mutual understanding between the United States and Russia.

* The Fulbright Program provides grants for training, research, lecturing and training in any university, library, archive in the USA. Grants are awarded on the basis of open competition in all disciplines.

* Fulbright Program focused on post graduates of Russian universities, graduate students, scientists, artists, teachers, international departments staff of Russian universities.

* The grant includes: participation in the competition, tuition at the University of the United States, monthly scholarship, limited medical insurance and travel costs.

* To participate the programme you have to be a Russian citizen permanently residing in the territory of the Russian Federation, have a university degree or a Phd degree (depending on the programme), have a good knowledge of the English language.

Eligible Applicants and the duration of the grant varies depend on the selected programme.

Master's and training in the USA http://fulbright.ru/ru/russians/vgs
Programme for young teachers of English (FLTA) http://fulbright.ru/ru/russians/flta
Programme for university teachers http://fulbright.ru/ru/russians/ffdp

If you have any questions, please contact the
International Cooperation Department
MSTU building C, right entrance, 3rd floor