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«Creating the Common Competence Arena in the Sphere of Logistics and Transport in the High North» project final progress meeting


"Creating the Common Competence Arena in the Sphere of Logistics and Transport in the High North" project final progress meeting was held in the University of Nordland (Bodo, Norway) February 7, 2012. Representatives of the University of Nordland, Baltic State Technical University, Northern (Arctic) Federal University and Murmansk State Technical University participated in the meeting. Three-year project aimed at research and education development in the sphere of logistic and transport in the High North was set to be completed in June 2012. The MSTU staff involved in the project succeeded in accomplishing all the tasks and activities that were planned, namely Igor Neshataev, Head of Further Professional Education Institution, has successfully started program of vocational retraining "Logistics and Supply Chain Management", 19 cadets of MSTU defended their theses under the academic supervision of professor Arkadiy Soloviev, Head of Ship Control and Industrial Fishing Department, who had chosen a theme for theses according to the objectives of the project. Overall project management was done by Svetlana Derkach, Vice-rector on Research, project coordination – by Natalya Ostapchenko, specialist of International Cooperation department. So all participating universities successfully fulfilled their tasks in accordance with the project plan. In spite of the fact that each partner-university conducted research in its "own area" and had its own tasks to achieve, project staff from the all participating universities became the united group which worked as a team during project implementation period. Today the partners are discussing new ideas and possible avenues of cooperation for research projects in such areas as logistic and transport in the High North region.