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MSTU student is the fastest skier!


On January 9, in Dolina Yuta, cross-country skiing competitions were held in the Sprint discipline within the Championship of the Murmansk Region. More than a hundred athletes took part in competitions.

The student of the 4th year of the Institute of Arctic Technologies Alexei Lupandin showed the best time in the prologue and won the final among men. The second place is with Alexander Utrobin (Murmansk), the third – with Roman Shabalin (Apatity).

Other students of the Murmansk State Technical University took part in the competition: Marina Drozdovich, Miron Zubov , Saveliy Obrotov, Denis Chetverikov , Konstantin Limonnikov, Alexander Ermolin.

Congratulations to Alexei! We are also proud of all our athletes!