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Discussing Energy Efficient Technologies of Wooden House Building in Petrozavodsk


"Wooden Low Housing Construction: Economics, Architecture and Energy-saving Technologies" conference hosted about 70 attendees from Petrozavodsk (Petrozavodsk State University), Murmansk (Murmansk State Technical University), Narvik, Norway (the Narvik campus of UiT The Arctic University of Norway) and business.

Svetlana Buryachenko, Associate Professor of the Department of Construction, Heat and Power Engineering and Transport (head of the research group of "Green Arctic Building" project), Aleksander Kaichenov, Head of the Department of Automation and Computer Engineering, Yana Karachentseva, Senior lecturer of the Department of Construction, Heat and Power Engineering and Transport and Oksana Popova, post-graduate student presented their papers and participated in discussions at the conference.

Svetlana Buryachenko and Oksana Popova presented a joint research "Development Potential for Wooden Housing Construction in the Arctic"; Yana Karachentseva, Aleksandr Kuzmenkov, PetrSU Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture, Structural Engineering and Geotechnics and Artiom Derbenev, head of OOO "Energoeffectivnoe Domostroenie" presented a joint research "Construction of the Wooden Low-Rise Model Object".

Karelia CBC programme project managers talked about their experience in implementing international projects within "green technologies" and low-rise construction.

"Green Arctic Building" research group had a round table discussion and a working meeting October 6th, on the sidelines of the conference. The research group gave its assessment to the current stage of project implementation, discussed model objects construction issues and research program development, which is aimed to be carried out onsite the model objects.

The round table was held with international consortium members, representatives of partner universities: the University of Oulu (Finland), Murmansk State Technical University and Petrozavodsk State University. The Finnish side was represented by Antti H. Niemi, Senior Researcher at the University of Oulu.