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The second stage of International summer school «Fisheries management in the Barents region – Step for sustainable development» was held 25 September – 02 October 2011


In recent years this international summer school is the first significant and big joint project between University of Tromsø and Murmansk State Technical University in the sphere of fisheries. From the Russian side co-organizers of the project are Murmansk State Humanities University and Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography named after Knipovich.
The first stage of the summer school took place 2 weeks ago in Tromsø. Group of students from Murmansk State Technical University, Murmansk State Humanities University and Murmansk Marine Fishing College stayed in Tromsø for a week. Together with Norwegian students they attended lectures on the course subjects including fisheries economics in Norway, aquaculture, marine biology, entrepreneurship in the fisheries industry, visited various industrial companies such as fish hatchery, fish handling enterprises, fish processing plants, trade organizations exporting fish products and other.
Apart from the intensive educational program students did some sightseeing around the city of Tromsø, visited museums, Oceanarium and went hiking in the mountains.
It should be noted that actually week was eventful. Students had to wake up early in the morning and suffer from a lack of sleep at nights but through it all, all participants were very pleased and spoke about the event only in positive terms.
The second phase of international summer school was held 25 September – 2 October in Murmansk. This time Norwegian students and professors visited Murmansk. For all Norwegian students it was their first trip to Murmansk and actually Russia, so they were really impressed. According to their feedbacks our country and people made a pleasant impression on them.
Russian and Norwegian students attended lectures delivered by scientists from Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography named after N.M. Knipovich, Murmansk State Humanities University and Murmansk State Technical University. They visited Verkhnetulomskaya Hydropower Station, fish hatchery "Nay-Nas", Murmansk Trawler Fleet, Murmansk Marine Biological Institute, Fisheries Committee of the Murmansk region, fish-processing plant "Marinetrade".
At the moment the final stage of the project – development of joint research papers on the set themes – is going on. Students have already presented their results and reports on the closing day of the summer school in Murmansk. They just need to finalize papers and send them to the University of Tromsø for final approval.
After summer school completion students will be granted by the Certificate issued by two Universities – Murmansk State Technical University and University of Tromsø.
Positive feedbacks showed that everybody enjoyed and gained useful ideas and knowledge through participation in this project. International summer school "Fisheries management in the Barents region – Step for sustainable development" was a great success and therefore it is planned to implement this project next year also.