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MSTU team looked into the future with «Gazprom Neft»


On June 7, 2021, Murmansk State Technical University took part in the third educational conference of "Gazprom Neft" – "We are in the Future," uniting business, universities and experts in the field of education. Among the MSTU participants of the event are Vice-Rector for Strategic Development Sergey Dubrovin, Project Office staff members, as well as the 4th year students of the Marine Oil and Gas Affairs and Physics Department.

This year the conference focuses on teamwork, which during the pandemic period became the key to success and the basis for making a breakthrough in many areas. Effective collaboration helps to achieve strategic goals, optimize the objectives and maximize the potential of staff members.

At the conference in the format of panel discussion, business representatives, as well as educational communities shared their ideas in key team competencies, modern approaches and tools in the development of important teamwork skills and personal experience in implementing breakthrough solutions. Experts discussed how business and universities can create super teams together; develop the staff competencies of the future and how to build their cross-disciplinary training.