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International Cooperation Forum takes place at RUDN University


RUDN University hosted International Cooperation Forum entitled "The Priority Project "Export Capacity Development of Russian Education System" and the Federal Project "Education Export ".

Kicked off in 2017, the federal project is already showing some good results: there are resource centers founded at educational institutions abroad and certain measures taken to improve the regulatory framework for international students admission and training and foreign education recognition. Foreign education recognition certificates will be issued electronically from January 1st, 2020 onwards. Other activities implemented within the framework of the federal project are a free of charge professional development program for International Cooperation Services staff run by RUDN University and a call for campuses renovation and renewal funded by federal budget: universities are urged to apply for new dormitories construction upon meeting some minimal requirements.

Four thematic groups: "foreign graduates employment legislation improvement; migration legislation improvement; promoting the Russian language abroad and educational services export" were set up as part of the expert board of Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

Ministry of Science and Higher Education representatives gave an account of the new approaches to the federal project "Education Export" implementation in 2020. At present, there is a need to search for new educational services markets for Russian universities to be promoted at, update webpages in English and other languages on a regular basis, use social networks to advance the university’s brand and establish international students support services.

The Ministry is also considering allocating scholarship quotas to international students who took award-winning places in Russian and international academic competitions. Nevertheless, decreasing quotas for organizing short programmes (eg. summer schools). It is planned to pay more attention to monitoring the universities’ international activities and cooperation agreements. It is also recommended to put focus on designing joint educational programmes, both in Russian and in English, and free online courses for international students.

MIPT and MEPhI shared their experience in holding academic competitions abroad, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University gave a speech on the success of their summer school, which draw up to 1000 international students, RUDN University talked about undergoing international accreditation of their study programmes.