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MSTU lecturer participated in the Northern Forum


September 30th, 2020, MSTU representative took part in NORTHERN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FORUM.
Zhanna Vasilyeva, head of Technosphere Safety Department, PhD in Technical Sciences made a report "Environmental Projects for Arctic Territories Development" at the Russian-Japanese seminar of the Forum within two sessions: "Northern Environment" and "Construction Technologies and Design for Cold Regions". Furthermore, Vasilyeva talked about joint international environmental projects during "New international cooperation contours in the Arctic" discussion session.

The Northern Forum is a UN-accredited international non-governmental organization of the northern regions that has the observer status in the Arctic Council and is one of the NORTHERN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FORUM hosts.

Experts from eight circumpolar countries (Russia, Canada, USA, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland), as well as from North-East Asia (primarily China, Japan and the Republic of Korea) discussed challenges and opportunities for sustainable, socio-economic and ethnocultural development of the northern regions. It is planned to initiate intercountry dialogues in the forum having the Arctic on the agenda to identify proirities and effective cooperation directions. NORTHERN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FORUM was first held in September 2019 in Yakutsk, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia, Russia).