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Students from Poland have their summer training in Russia


Twenty-four polish students of the Geology, Geophysics and Environment Protection Department visited MSTU Apatity branch and had their summer training there. The visit took place within General Cooperation Agreement signed by AGH University of Science and Technology (Krakow, Poland), Murmansk State Technical University and Russin Academy of Science Kola Science Centre.
Guided by Professor Vladimir Pozhylenko and Olga Platonova, PhD student of the Geology and Mineral Resources Department, the students did geological mapping of the metamorphic rocks in Voche-Lambin geodynamic providing ground. Such massifs cannot be found in Poland, so it was a useful experience for the polish visitors; this training will enable them to continue their work in Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Finland, Norway, South Africa, India, China and other countries having this rocks type.
Starting from 29 July to 4 August the students visited well-known rock beds of the Kola Peninsula, namely apatite-nephelinic ores in the Hibiny alkali Paleozoic massif, Monchepluton copper-nickel ores and ferruginous quartzite bed of Olenegorsk. Apart from this, they had a tied up social programme and managed to see Polar Botanical Garden-Institute named after Avrorin and Geological museum of the RAS Kola Science Centre, as well as Lovozero Museum of Local Lore.
Both students and their teachers Pavel Kosakovki and Aurelia Zayats are fully satisfied with how their training in Russia was organized and would like it to be continued in the future. They are going to discuss this issue with AGH University administration, as it needs more financing.