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The Association of Polar Young Scientists of Murmansk region held a meeting


On March 2 the Association of Polar Young Scientists of Murmansk region held meeting of the board in Murmansk.

"We pay great attention to Arctic issues, which extend to all educational programmes – from bachelor to master programmes. Everybody discusses global warming. Due to this fact a large area in ​​the Arctic is releasing from ice and there is concentrated large amount of biological resourses", said MSTU rector Sergey Agarkov.

Because this area is currently not regulated by international agreements, international community, including Russia, is afraid of unregulated fishing of biological resources, highlighted rector when speaking to the young polar scientists.

Such issues as Arctic fisheries, Arctic navigation via the Northern Sea Route, Arctic security (prevention oil spills in the sea), Arctic management, the Arctic economy are of great importance.

"The term Arctic fisheries is used now. All of us are familiar with 69th parallel north. It is believed that 69th parallel north extends to the Arctic waters. It designates the area ​​which is linked with the Arctic fisheries", said rector.