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Lecturers of the BCBU+ programme have had special training in English (January 30-February 2)


Northern Arctic Federal University held a crash course "English for academic purposes",organized for the lecturers participating in the "Barents Cross Border University / BCBU" programme. The course was attended by representatives of the Murmansk State Humanities University, Murmansk State Technical University, Petrozavodsk State University, Karelian State Pedagogical Academy, Northern State Medical University, as well as the lecturers of the Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Work Institute, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science and Theoretical and Applied Chemistry Institute of NarFU.

Murmansk State Technical University was represented by Yana Glukhikh, Associate Professor of Business Languages Department, Maria Rozbitskaya, Associate Professor of Social Work and Theology Department, Elena Kalsina, Senior Lecturer, and Anna Yashkina, Assistant Lecturer of Ecology and Environmental Protection Department.
Mr. Michael Hurd (USA), the course teacher, is a Professor at the University of Lapland, with extensive experience of teaching English in various countries. The training program included the following modules: oral presentation skills in English, academic writing, scientific discussion.

The course was financially supported by the international project BCBU +, launched in 2011 by a consortium of partners within Cross-Border cooperation between EU and Russia framework (www.kolarcticenpi.info). The course was organized by the International Cooperation Department and the Language Competence Centre of Northern Arctic Federal University .

"It is remarkable that the participants from different countries are actively involved in that program. I think we had a wonderful course, – said Michael Hurd, Professor of the University of Lapland. – I am very pleased, as a lecturer, that a great interest was shown. Sometimes it happens that people get bored, and that is not the case. I noted that some participants have rather high level of English. Perhaps some of them have worked and studied abroad, or have studied foreign languages at the University. The training was also attended by the staff with elementary level of English, but they have a strong desire to improve, and that is important. "

"The course was very useful and interesting – said Yana Glukhikh, Associate Professor. – The course has excellent content, which covers the main directions of academic English training. In addition, teachers had individual hours on writing research papers in English, and preparation of professional portfolios, CVs, Personal Statements. Grammar aspects were explained very professionally. We considered some really difficult questions on the use of Passive Voice, Subjunctive Mood and Conditionals. These grammar structures are sometimes a problem even for the advanced learners of English. It goes without saying that Mr. Hurd is a very professional lecturer.

Maria Rozbitskaya, Associate Professor of Social Work and Theology Department noted that the program BCBU + is aimed at organizing special on-line environment, "Optima" and distance learning courses in English at partner Universities. The lecturer, Michael Hurd easily communicates with the audience on various topics concerning social work, information technology and protection of the environment in the Barents Region. It’s very useful to get specific knowledge and skills to do presentations and be successful at academic writing in English. "

Anna Yashkina also agreed that she had significantly raised her level of English and had got valuable experience in learning English, thanks to Mr. Michael Hurd.