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Barents Sea Youth Conference 2012, Hammerfest


April 20 -22 The Barents Sea Youth conference was held in Hammerfest (Norway). The Conference was aimed at discussing perspectives and problems of the Arctic region development among the younger generation from Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden. Northern Norwegian town met all the participants with warm hugs of hospitality and comfort. Firstly all participants were warmly welcomed by Hammerfest authority’s representatives and they gave them a brief but quiet fascinating overview on town’s history and future plans.
Organizers provided the conference with intense and interesting program. Representatives of such companies as Aibel, Eni Norge, Statoil told the students about energy problems, current situation in oil-and-gas industry, needs, international cooperation prospects, education and industry connection. Traditionally the following pressing problems were discussed: renewable energy sources, climate change problems, Arctic sustainable development. It has become obvious that urgent questions require creative and fresh answers.
Moreover all students had an amazing opportunity to see how the Arctic energy sector works just being almost inside of this. Visit of Melkoya – Hammerfest LNG – was included into the program. Students had an exciting trip to island where Statoil’s LNG plant is based. They had a unique chance to visit the enterprise, ask questions about company’s structure, process of LNG production and transport and summer internship opportunity. Panoramic views of the whole plant and imposing huge reservoirs with gas and condensate were really breathtaking.
Also everyone had a chance to meet representatives of oil and gas industry ‘in faces’. There was companies’ exhibition held in 21st April, so everyone had a possibility to ask the representatives of such companies as Eni Norge, ABB, Statoil and Shell any questions about job opportunity and some relevant issues.

The Conference was ended with a workshop. All students were divided into groups and received a task to shoot small video on the conference topic "Powering up the Arctic. Young competence needed. How to get it". There were different challenges, funny, creative moments and solutions and really serious tasks offered to solve. It was a great experience for all and each group tried to do their best to include a lot of significant information into the movie, raise the problems and at the same time represent this all in a funny interesting way. Video that was chosen to be the best one by the majority of participants was then shown during Barents Sea Conference – most relevant forum in the Northern Norway for the discussion of oil & gas-related activities, political issues, industrial and business opportunities and energy sector policy.
During these 3 days students made friends with foreign students, gained good skills of team work, new fresh experience and knowledge.