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The mayor of the French city Brest visited MSTU


Mr. François Kuilyandre visited Murmansk to establish international cooperation with the city administration, as well as to invite the barque "Sedov" to take part in an international festival which takes place every 4 years in Brest. That is why the French side is very interested to see our tall-ship "Sedov" in its waters.

According to Mr. Mayor, he would like Brest Maritime University and Murmansk State Technical University to find the point of interaction and establish international cooperation.

"We are very pleased that you were able to visit Murmansk State Technical University and personally invite the barque "Sedov" to participate in such major international event", said Rector of Murmansk State Technical University Sergey Agarkov in response.

MSTU rector assured that the proposal would be considered and included during the barque "Sedov" navigation plan development for 2016.

Moreover, Sergey Agarkov informed François Kuilyandre that MSTU would prepare and submit proposals of academic mobility programmes to the universities in Brest.