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Teachers and students of the Department of construction, heat power engineering and transport made a return visit to the Vocational College of Kirkenes


At the end of October a return visit of teachers and students of the Department of construction, heat power engineering and transport took place to the Vocational College of Kirkenes (Fagskolen i Kirkenes).
The Vocational College specializes in construction and mining. Advanced training can be obtained by everyone who has a certain level of education or work experience and is part-time.
The 4-day visit program was very intense and interesting. The MSTU representatives visited the Vocational College, where director of the College Trond Dahlberg gave a brief description of the Norwegian educational system, as well as talked about the history of mining and the development of this industry in Kirkenes. The tour around the College included a visit to the laboratories and a demonstration of the technical equipment of the educational institution.
College lecturer and initiator of our cooperation Tom Witsø gave lectures on small house building and the road construction in Norway. And what is a very pleasant thing to mention, lectures were in Russian.
The excursion to the newly opened Kirkenes hospital was of great interest. A representative of the maintenance service spoke about the heat supply system of the building with the use of heat pump and renewable energy sources (water from a nearby lake).
The program also included a trip to the iron ore open pit mine and the concentration plant of the company Sydvaranger . Being once a largest local employer, the company was closed a few years ago. Iron ore production is expected to recommence in 2020.
For the MSTU group a visit to the local electronics company Barel AS was also arranged. It is worth mentioning that Barel is a unique supplier of led emergency lighting for the aerospace corporation Airbus. By the way, the main assembly factory of Barel AS is located in Murmansk.
It should be noted that these visits became possible thanks to financial support of the Barents Secretariat. Representatives of MSTU visited this organization in Kirkenes, where they got acquainted with its activities, learned about interesting projects in the cross-border region.
We hope that our cooperation with the Vocational College will continue and thank our partners for organizing such an interesting and useful trip.