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Students of WE and IR Faculty visited Finnmark University College


October 24-28 five students from the World Economy and International Relations Faculty took part in a workshop that was held at Finnmark University College (Norway, Alta) within the "Practice Modules" project.
Run by Finnmark University College, the "Practice Modules" project implies active cooperation between students and enterprises in order to develop fresh and relevant business ideas for a certain organization or firm. This year the students were suggested to create a project for "offroadfinnmark", a Norwegian company from Alta which started annual extreme mountain bike races a few years ago. Monday, 24 October the participants presented the ideas they had been working on during the previous weeks and got some comments from the lecturers and the company manager. This was followed by intensive group work, and at this stage many of the projects were discussed, modified or even totally changed. The workshop finished with the final project presentation and exciting awards ceremony.
Seven student teams from Russia, Norway and Finland performed a very different approach to achieving the goal. As to MSTU team, their project was awarded a special price as very interesting and attractive for "offroadfinnmark", because the company might get more race participants, sponsors and partners. The students are now considering the possibilities to implement their project in August 2012.