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On May 28 – 30 Murmansk State Technical University held Europe Days within the scope of the project «Establishing of the EU Center in the Barents Region of Russia» implemented at the financial support of the European Union


Program of Europe Days includes: conference "Youth Policy of the Russian Federation and the European Union: Tendencies and International Practices", The Knowledge Day "My first lesson of European languages", "Presentation conference: Journey around the European Union Countries".
"Presentation conference: Journey around the European Union Countries" was held at the conference hall of Park Inn Radisson Poliarnie Zori on May, 30, 2012
The aim of the conference was to improve overall awareness and knowledge on the EU countries among students, teachers, business organizations, mass media, NGOs and general public in Murmansk. The conference was a competition of student presentations on member states of the European Union. The students of Murmansk State Technical University, International Institute of Business Education, Murmansk State Humanities University were required to present one of the EU countries in the creative way, review country history, culture, famous places, and main traditions, give detailed description of economic, political, social life of the country, current urgent problems and touch on an issue of relationship between Russia and the EU country. Students were asked to prepare a 10-minutes presentation. The winners were selected by the jury after all the presentations had been presented. The following countries were presented: Greece, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Poland and Bulgaria. The most important advantage was that students had added to the country introduction a colorful presentation with photos, many pictures, music, interesting facts, presented country in a national dress or treated jury with traditional food, and could answer the jury’s additional questions. All these made strong impression on the jury.
Award panel consisted of:
Eugene Berg, representative of Total I&P Russie in Murmansk
Larissa Vagina, Director of Murmansk regional organization "Twin cities Murmansk – Groningen"
Anna Pasik, Deputy Director on Academic work of Murmansk Educational Center of Foreign Languages "Logos"
Kristina Brevnova, Deputy Head of International Cooperation Department, MSTU
Maria Petrova, representative of Barents Youth Cooperation Office in Murmansk
The jury had to go through an intensive discussion to select the winners. Because of the great number of interesting and creative presentations, this task was very hard and intense. In the end the jury managed to award the prizes to 3 students. 3 winners were given a certificate to take a free course of one European language in Educational Center of Foreign Languages "Logos".
According to the jury decision the plizes were awarded as follows:
1st – place Daria Uspenskaya, 4th -year student of World Economy and International Relation Faculty, MSTU for Ireland
2nd place – Nataliya Sidorina, 3rd -year student of World Economy and International Relation Faculty, MSTU for Denmark
3rd – place Alexander Hohlov, 2nd – year student of Law Faculty, International Institute of Business Education for Finland
Winners and other students were rewarded with Certificate of Participation as well as prizes and souvenirs.
For Murmansk State Technical University it was first experience in the EU Day organization. University wishes to thank everyone who took part in our EU Days celebration. We hope that you will continue to cooperate with us and participate in the following project events as well.