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Russian Scientists and Students Learned About Norwegian aquaculture


Cooperation Programme in Fisheries and Marine Sciences CPRU-2011/10111 was held in Tromsø from 26 to 30 April 2016.

Russian delegation was presented by sientists and students from Murmansk state technical university. The reports were presented by project coordinator MSTU – BFE program Jens Revold, professor of University of Tromsø Margrethe Aanesen (NFH), professor of University of Tromsø Klara Stensvåg (NFH), professor Elena Shoshina (MSTU), Dr. Svetlana Petrova (MSTU), Candidate of biological sciences, Associate professor of Biology Department Petr Kravets (MSTU), PhD candidate MSTU and Polar Institute of Marine Sciences Ivan Tretyakov, Dr. Knut Sunnanå (Institute of Marine Research), Stefano Peruzzi (University of Tromsø), Professor Bjørn Hersoug (NFH), Associate professor of Biology Department Sergey Malavenda, PhD and Master programs' students Håkon Celius, Kristina Khacheturova, Ekaterina Mishchenko, Olga Chovgan, Tatjana Ageeva, Nina Golubovskaya, Svetlana Nezhenets, Liubov Livadina, and others.

At the beginning project coordinator MSTU – BFE program Jens Revold said that cooperation between Russia and Norway had been developing very well since beginning of 1990s. Jens Revold thanked young Russian scientists and students for their dedication to fisheries and aquaculture studies. He also deduced that aquaculture would have played greater role in years to come.

PhD candidate MSTU and Polar Institute of Marine Sciences (PINRO) Ivan Tretyakov said about Russian Federation’s participation in the fisheries activity in the Northwestern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Particularly Ivan Tretyakov told about how stocks of Greenland halibut are managed nowadays.

Dr. Knut Sunnanå who represented Institute of Marine Research (IMR) said that he had been working in IMR since mid 1980s in Bergen and started to work here, in the department in Tromsø, in 1991, when it had been established.

"During that time we have had fruitful cooperation with PINRO, in the framework of Arctic Fisheries Working Group, as was mentioned. Norway has very small land area, but there is large marine area. In the Norwegian part of the sea we develop both underwater oil and gas industry, and fisheries. Tourism is presented also. Meanwhile we have to use other management rules on Svalbard", underlined Knut Sunannå.

"This is a challenging thing", he added. "Good thing is, of course, that for the Northern area we cooperate very well with Russia in service and management".

The workshop consisted of several parts: Section Researchers and Staff, Section PINRO – Institute of Marine Research, Section Aquaculture, PhD – Masters Programs Section.

On 29 April 2016 Russian delegation visited Tromsø Aquaculture Station at Kårvika, where students looked at both sea land land facilities.

Russian and Norwegian students and scientists were united in opinion that science diplomacy is helping both countries better understand the challenges of crossboarder relations.

Workshop's participants sumed up of 4-5 years of cooperation between MSTU and University of Tromsø. The Norwegian and Russian sides discussed how they might be better prepared for a next phase, how to include more students and more researchers into the project, and to involve more staff from Tromsø.