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Archive projects

SMARTNORTH: Sustainable development and MAnagement by paRTicipatory governance practices in the High NORTH

The project aims to develop relevant new knowledge regarding the development of PG practices and their role in promoting sustainable development in the High North. Thus, the project’s ambition is to contribute new theoretical and practical knowledge, regarding the potential challenges to and opportunities for PG practices to be a solution to the sustainable development of High North communitiesRead more

MARPART2-MAN: Joint-Task Force Management in High North Emergency Response

The project aims to develop relevant new knowledge about implementation of joint management practices and their role in promoting sustainable development in the High North. The aim of the project is to provide new theoretical and practical knowledge about potential problems and opportunities for joint management as a solution for the High North communities sustainable developmentRead more

Sustainable Energy in Food Production

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Murmansk State Technical University have extensive competencies in the field of food technology and professional training for the food industry in Norway and Russia. Due to the interaction of the two universities a unique cooperation network in food industry porfessional training can be created. The main focus of educational and research activities in the framework of the new project will be on environmentally friendly and energy efficient food production technologiesRead more

Colloid Chemistry and Rheology in Crude Oil Production and Processing

One of the main goals of this educational project is to establish a new long-term collaboration between the NTNU
and MSTU, and strengthen the existing bond with GRSOGU within colloid chemistry and rheology. A short course on colloid chemistry is supposed to be developed and a number of workshops organisedRead more

"Maritime Preparedness and International Partnership in the High North" (MARPART)

This project will contribute to increased understanding of the complexity of joint operations in the Arctic, the resources needed, and alternative organizational design and management tools for operational coordination and controlRead more

"Development of Innovative and Environmentally Friendly Recipes of Technological Fluids"

One of the challenges of modern drilling technology is improving the completion quality. This joint project aims to develop efficient and environmentally friendly recipes of drilling fluids which largely determine the efficiency of primary completion fluids, as well as commercial drilling speedRead more

ArticBridge: Cooperation on PhD Education and Research Training in the field of Management of Extractive Industries in the High North

This project will be an attempt to harmonize and soften differences in reserachers' training both in Russia and Norway and to bring different research traditions in the field of management to an open discussion in order to develop programmes that are built on the best from each country and stimulate research cooperationRead more

Practice Future – an Open Innovation Local Business and Students Network in the Barents Region

The main project idea is to unite SM Enterprises in the Barents Region, students and faculty staff from five universities in an open innovation network. The aim is twofold: 1) to develop practically relevant business ideas and business models for the firms in question and facilitate firms’ access to markets abroad; 2) to develop and implement a practice proven internationally applicable tool of entrepreneurship education to (non-business) studentsRead more

Local Government Budgeting Reforms in Russia: Implications and Tensions

The project will consider the development of the Russian municipalities in the North-West Russia from the perspective how local budgeting practices are changed in connection with the federal public sector management reformsRead more

"Cooperation programme in Fisheries and Marine Sciences", CPRU-2011/1011

The mission of the programme is to strengthen fisheries and aquaculture education in the Barents region. It can be seen as a link to the ongoing research cooperation between the Institute of Marine Research, Norway and PINRO, RussiaRead more

Arctic Black Carbon: Reduction of Black Carbon from Diesel Sources

The project is the part of a larger U.S. Government initiative, to quantify emissions and impacts of BC from fossil fuel and biomass burning, and to reduce BC emissions and the associated warming effects in and around the ArcticRead more

Sustainable Buildings for the High North – Cross-Border Research and Trade Facilitation (SBHN)

The main idea of this project is to open to the Scandinavian companies foothold grasp business opportunities of the Russian market of energy efficient building technologies through developed cross-border business cooperation with Russian partners. In addition, efficient cross-border cooperation will contribute to social and economic development and growth of the High North in generalRead more

Young Innovative Entrepreneurs

The project is aimed at creating a region wide support system that will enhance the development and implementation of innovative business ideas across the borders by young entrepreneurs in the Barents RegionRead more

Communication and Information Technology for Improvement Safety and Efficiency of Traffic Flows (CITISET)

The project full name is Communication and Information Technology for Improvement Safety and Efficiency of Traffic Flows: EU-RU-UA Master and PhD Programs in Intelligent Transport Systems
Universities of six European Countries (LV, PL, RU, SE, UA, and UK) are collaborating for training of a new generation of experts able to use the latest achievements of science and technology for rising safety and efficiency of traffic flows while decreasing the environmental impactRead more

Establishment of the EU Center in the Barents Area of Russia

The project overall objective is to improve overall awareness and knowledge on the EU issues (structure, policy, economy, law, European integration, Bologna process, relations between Russia and EU and others) amongRead more

Barents Cross Border University (BCBU+) Development Project

The project continues Barents Cross Border University plan and is based on cooperation between North-Western Russian universities and universities of Northern Finland. Its efforts will be focused on creating a virtual studying platform, namely a virtual campus and a digital libraryRead more

Public-Private Partnership in Barents Tourism (BART)

The project aims at creating mechanisms for tourism development in the Barents Region through long-term private and public sectors partnership in all member countriesRead more

CETIA: Coastal Environment, Technologies and Innovations in the Arctic

The project was initiated by the University of Tromso (Norway) and the Aquaplan-Niva company. It is implemented by a consortium of multilateral and associate partners from the participating countries which are Russia, Norway and SwedenRead more

Creating a cooperation network on drug prevention in Murmansk region

The project overall objective is conducting a joint research in order to work out ways of fighting youth drug addictionRead more

"Creating the Common Competence Arena in the Sphere of Logistics and Transport in the High North"

The project involves organizing training and business practices as well as developing educational programs that meet the needs of industrial enterprises operating in the northern regionsRead more

The Universities Alliance project

The Universities Alliance is the international association of Russian, Norwegian and Ukrainian higher education institutions. Cooperation within the Alliance means development and implementation of the split-level international study programmes based on the Bologna Process principlesRead more

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