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«Cooperation programme in Fisheries and Marine Sciences», CPRU-2011/1011

The mission of the programme is to strengthen fisheries and aquaculture education in the Barents region. It can be seen as a link to the ongoing research cooperation between the Institute of Marine Research, Norway and PINRO, Russia. In particular, the main project priorities focus upon the following activities:

• Developing and implementing a study program at MSTU comprising of three English-taught relevant courses: Fisheries biology (10 ECTS); Fisheries economics and planning (10 ECTS); Russian Culture focusing the Kola region (10 ECTS) and Russian language (10 ECTS)
• Arranging seminars/workshops and disseminating results
• Enhancing students’ and teachers’ exchange
• Providing 3 Msc scholarships to MSTU students to study within the ongoing Master Programme "International Management Programme" at UiT
• Increasing research and education networks b/n Murmansk and Tromsø

Please find more information www.facebook.com/BarentseduFish and www.site.uit.no/mstu

The project started in January, 2012 and is under realization until December, 2015.

It is financed by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU) which is a public Norwegian agency promoting international cooperation in education and research.

Responsible partners are Murmansk State Technical University and University of Tromsø – Arctic University of Norway.

MSTU academic staff involved in the project:

Fisheries Biology

Head of the course: Elena Shoshina, Doctor of Biology, Professor (shoshinaev@mstu.edu.ru)


Andrey Dolgov, Doctor of Biology, professor (PINRO, MSTU)
Konstantin Sokolov, Candidate of Biological Sciences (PINRO, MSTU)
Elena Shoshina, Doctor of Biology, Professor (MSTU)
Valentina Anokhina, Candidate of Biological Sciences (MSTU)
Sofia Afoncheva, researcher (MSTU)

Fisheries economics and planning

Head of the course: Svetlana Savelieva, Doctor of Economics, Professor (SavelievaSB@mstu.edu.ru)


Svetlana Petrova, Candidate of Economical Sciences, Department of Economics;
Konstantin Alloyarov, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Department of Food Production Technology;
German Ivanov, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Department of Maritime Law and Specialized Language Training; Viktoria Makhortova, PhD student, major International Economic Relations

Russian language and culture


Liubov Barantseva, senior lecturer, Foreign Languages Department;
Saida Ibatullina, Head of Pre-Study Courses Department

Project Coordinator – Liubov Barantseva, senior coordinator, International Cooperation Department
+7 (8152) 40-32-38

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