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Sustainable Buildings for the High North – Cross-Border Research and Trade Facilitation (SBHN)

The project aims to establish a virtual market arena for commercial and R&D activities aimed at building technology in cold climate, based on the surveys and technology development performed by the project group itself. The market arena will thus act as a contact point for companies and institutions that:
• aim to enter the Russian market and establish business in Russia;
• want to join projects, establish cooperation and/or enter into contracts with Russian partners;
• want to display new products and offer services in the Barents region;
• want to gain more technical knowledge in specific fields.

Partners in the project:

Higher educational institutions of all Scandinavian countries – MSTU, Narvik University College (NUC), University of Nordland (UiN), Umeå Universit, Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS).
Project period: 2013-2014
Beneficiary: Narvik University College

MSTU project coordinators: Ekaterina Zvonkova, Senior Coordinator for International Activities, Anna Antokhina, Senior Coordinator for International Activities

MSTU experts: Prof. Vladimir Malyshev, Head of Energy and Transport Department, Vladimir Kurenkov, Senior Lecturer of Energy and Transport Department

The 2-year project is financed within the Kolarctic ENPI-CBC program.

Updating date: 10.01.19