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«Development of Innovative and Environmentally Friendly Recipes of Technological Fluids»

One of the challenges of modern drilling technology is improving the completion quality. This joint project aims to develop efficient and environmentally friendly recipes of drilling fluids which largely determine the efficiency of primary completion fluids, as well as commercial drilling speed.

The use of water-based drilling fluids with special surface-active agents (surfactants) can solve the problem of reducing the degree of contamination formation in primary showdown. In the course of development and operation of wells including completion of productive reservoir and well completion it is also necessary to use effective and environmentally friendly technical fluids which contact with productive formation, which composition is complex, specific and unique to each field. Developing these recipes, however, will increase well production rate, reduce field development period and minimize harmful effects on the permeability of production horizon.

Thus, the overall objective of the project in the long term perspective is to increase the quality of the construction and operation of oil and gas wells on the Arctic seas shelf by application the developed fluids formulations witin the project and to improve professional competence of prospective oil and gas industry engineers.

Project period is 2013-2015.

The project is implemented under financial support by Statoil ASA. Total project budget is RUB 3,5 mln.

Project leader – Svetlana Derkach, Professor, Department of Chemistry
Thematic leader – Pavel Fedoseev, junior scientist, Department of Continuum Mechanics and Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
Researcher – Vasiliy Vasilevich, PhD student, Department of Chemistry
Researcher (course development) – Dmitrii Vologdin, lecturer, Department of Continuum Mechanics and Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
Project coordinator – Natalia Anikeeva, Head of International Cooperation Department
Project secretary – Anna Antokhina, senior coordinator, International Cooperation Department

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