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Cross-Border Innovations in Arctic Aquaculture (ARCTAQUA)

The strength of ARCTAQUA project is gained through shared and supplemented research experience within the international consortium supported by collaboration with SMEs from Russia, Sweden, Finland and Norway, which creates an inter-disciplinary approach. ARCTAQUA project is aimed at accomplishing collective objectives of the project partners, encouraging innovation, attracting potential investors and exchanging the gained expertise.

The documents confirming the concept of the industrial development of the fish farming (aquaculture) sector will be distributed among the end users or the market leaders in the field at such events as open working meetings where all the stakeholders will be involved, i.e. fish farmers, farmed fish retail companies, regional governmental and legislative organizations etc.

ARCTAQUA project consortium:

Lead partner: Nord University (Norway)

Project partners:

Akvatik AS, SigerfjordFisk AS (Norway)

The Swedish Mariculture Research Centre, Universty of Gothenburg (Sweden)

Natural Resources Institute of Finland (LUKE)

GOSNIORH named after L.S. Berg, Branch of Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanograph (VNIRO) (Russia, Saint Petersburg)

Murmansk State Technical University (Russia)

Duration of the project: 2019-2022

Total budget: €3.3 mln

The project is funded by CBC Kolarctic 2014-2020

MSTU project leader: Mr Petr Kravets, Docent of the Department of Biology and Water Bioresources

MSTU project coordinator: Mrs Natalia Anikeeva, Head of International Cooperation Department
The expected results of the project:

1. Increased feasibility of the farming of the new cultivated species due to conducted research and innovative approaches developed by researches and field-tested by fish farmers

2. Attracted investment in the fish farming in the Arctic region through wide project media coverage

3. Renovation of the recirculation aquaculture system (RAS) in MSTU

4. Creation and distribution of the instructive video training course for potential fish farmers.

Updating date: 15.04.21