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GrAB: Green Arctic Buildings

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to reduced environmental impact from the building
sector and increase competitiveness of Arctic settlements. It can be formulated as follows:
"Green" and sustainable building to enhance the region's competitiveness, improve the quality of life
and support social and economic activity with regard to environmental issues in the development of
the Barents Region.

Specific objectives of the project:
• To meet the needs of regional economic and environmental development by creating excellence and
innovations in the field of "green" building in the Barents region
• To increase of living standards and quality of life of the local inhabitants by improving of quality of
buildings and their indoor environment comfort on the basis of "green" building concept.
• To ensure the capacity building of the local stakeholders to introduce building services consistent
with the environmental standards

The project will contribute to innovation in "green" building methods and tools leading to increase of
living standards for local inhabitants, green building design which involves finding balance between
building activities and sustainable environment.
The project will increase the awareness of the importance of "modern green" thinking in planning and
operating Arctic settlements to increase the Arctic’s competitiveness and hence reverse the
depopulation of the area.
Authorities will have a better base to execute green policies of the regions.

Updating date: 25.02.19