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MARPART2-MAN: Joint-Task Force Management in High North Emergency Response

The overall objective of the project is to study the needs for competencies required to fulfill the requirements of international treaties in the field of emergency response in the High North, to increase the level of expertise in preventing and eliminating emergency situations of all parties involved, to improve the content of educational programmes and training courses for joint exercises and operations through the exchange of experiences within and between organizations, educational institutions and emergency ministries.

The project "MARPART2-MAN" will also contribute to the development of special training programmes, as well as to the implementation of the plan for more cost-effective and professionally oriented training programmes and exercises.

The project implementation period – December 2017-June 2019.
This project is a continuation of MARPART ("Maritime Preparedness and International Partnership in the High North") project.

The project is funded by the University of Nord, the Administration of Nordland County, "Arctic 2030" programme, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Lead Partner/Grant-holder is the High North Centre for Business and Governance, Business School, Nord University (Norway)

Police University College of Norway
University Center Svalbard, Norway
Fire Safety Institute of Norway
Norwegian Institute for Defense Studies
World Maritime University in Malmo, Sweden
Danish State Police, Denmark
Royal Norwegian Naval Academy, Navigation Center, Norway
Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Arkhangelsk, Russia
Murmansk State Technical University, Russia

MSTU project group:
Thematic expert – Sergey Agarkov, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, Rector
Researcher – Alexander Suslov, Associate Professor, Navigation Department, "Marine Academy" Institute
Project coordinator – Maria Ershova, senior officer, International Cooperation Department

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