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SMARTNORTH: Sustainable development and MAnagement by paRTicipatory governance practices in the High NORTH

Nord University Business School – lead partner
Murmansk State Technical University
University of Oulu
Tyumen State University
North-West Institute of Management, Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

Project duration: September 2018 – August 2020

The project is financed by the Research Council of Norway.

The total projuct budget is 2 670 000 NOK.

MSTU reseracher: Elena Kuznetsova, director of Institute of Further Vocational Education

The project aims to develop relevant new knowledge regarding the development of PG practices and their role in promoting sustainable development in the High North. Thus, the project’s ambition is to contribute new theoretical and practical knowledge, regarding the potential challenges to and opportunities for PG practices to be a solution to the sustainable development of High North communities.

Founded on the current research competence of the project team, comprising national and international academic partners from Norway, Finland, Russia and USA, the research topic will be addressed through a high-quality inter-disciplinary approach, combining theoretical knowledge from public administration, management and organizational science. For that purpose, the project the project will excel at the international forefront of research via international research cooperation and networking that will include joint research work in relation to data collection in Norway, Finland, Russia and North America, publication development and academic mobility.

The project investigates the scope of and driving forces for the development of participatory
governance (PG) practices and their potential effects on sustainable development in High North
communities. The growing use of ICT technology and so-called "smart" city/community/region
concepts open up new areas for public innovation, especially regarding the development of new PG
practices in the High North. Such innovations can give greater voice to local stakeholders, in relation
to strategic, urban and financial planning decisions in the High North territories.

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