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Local Government Budgeting Reforms in Russia: Implications and Tensions

This project will examine the development of Russian local government institutions in the North-West Russia with emphasis on how budgeting practices are evolving as a result of the federal government public sector management reforms. Firstly, this project aims to contribute to improving the knowledge regarding the development of local government institutions in Russia by examining changes in local budgeting practices from the perspectives of Russian history as well as international comparative outlook and development trends. Secondly, the project will illuminate the role and culture of Russian executive administration at the level of local governments and its relationship to the legislative side of local decision-making, especially their interaction in budgeting practices. Thirdly, because budgeting processes constitute an indispensable part of local government structures and practices, the project is intended to contribute to a better understanding of how these practices are embedded in Russian legal system and legal culture. Finally, the project will demonstrate impact of changing budgeting practices have on changes in local governance, transparency and welfare production.

Bodø Graduate Scjool of Business, University of Nordland (UiN, Norway)
Baltic State Technical University (BSTU, Russia)
Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO, Russia)
Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU, Russia)
Murmansk State Technical University (MSTU, Russia)
Illinois State University (USA)
Copenhagen Business School (CBS, Denmark)
University of Tampere (Finland)

Project period: 2012-2015

The project is financed by the Research Council of Norway.

MSTU is represented by:
– project expert Elena Kuznetsova, Candidate in Economics, Associate Professor/Docent, Institute of Economics, Management and Law
– project researcher Alexander Spitsyn, PhD Fellow, Institute of Economics, Management and Law

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