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Contest for scholarships of French Government


Division of Academic Cooperation of the Embassy of France in Russia is the link between the Russian and French representatives of higher education. Its main objectives: to foster links between universities of two countries, facilitate the organization of meetings between teachers and scientists to support the establishment and operation of joint educational programs. He is actively cooperating with the Russian representatives of the Ministry of Education and its components in order to ensure optimal conditions for the development of bilateral relations. In addition, its mission includes support of the Russian students and researchers wishing to travel to France to continue their education in France.
Division of Academic Cooperation of the Embassy of France in Russia is pleased to announce the opening of a number of sessions for the awarding of scholarships funded by the French government. More information can be found on the website Bgfrussie ( www.bgfrussie.RU )
Copernicus scholarship.
Educational program on management and realias of contemporary world is designed for young economists, lawyers and engineers from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe having a good command of French language; a candidate for a scholarship "Copernicus" must be a citizen of Russia at the age of 30, have a degree in engineering or economics and good knowledge of French.
Deadline for application: 04/03/2012;
Required academic degree: Master
Scholarship for covering social insurance.
Scholarship is awarded to Russian students wishing to continue their studies in France on one of the "second cycle" (Master) program
Deadline for application: 31/03/2012
Required academic degree: Master
Scholarship for writing a thesis under the joint Franco-Russian scientific leadership
Scholarship for writing dissertations under the joint Franco-Russian scientific guidance is intended for PhD students. The total length of writing a research paper should not exceed three years. Thesis can be written in any discipline, taught in French universities.
Deadline for application: 31/03/201
Required academic degree: PhD
Language study fellowship.
Scholarship program for students who study French in addition to their major field of study. 12 best applicants will win the scholarships in 2012. Please, apply right now!
Deadline for application: 06/04/2012
Required academic level: 2nd, 3rd and 4th -year students
All applicants for the French Government scholarship are requested to fill in on-line registration form at the web-site Bgfrussie where you can also find additional information and application forms for other grant programs offered by partner-organizations.
Also students and higher educational institutions can access to social network UNIfr at (www.unifr.org ) or discussion forum www.bgfrussie.RU to ask any questions.
Web-site of Division of Academic Cooperation of the Embassy of France in Russia www.unifr.org.

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