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Internship program at North Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO)


Secretariat of NAFO announced that Internship Program started to work after approval by all NAFO members at 33rd annual meeting in September 2011. This Internship program allows students at Bachelor or Master level, PhD students or young researchers to work at the NAFO Secretariat as a trainee during 6 months. So a trainee will get opportunity to gain experience and practical knowledge about all that they have learnt academically as exemplified by running of NAFO as intergovernmental organization while taking part in NAFO daily working routine.
During practical training a supervisor assigns to a trainee a wide range of duties related to different areas of responsibility/activity: Fishery regulation, Fishery science, Database administration and others.
Requirements for candidates:
-applicant is to be a citizen of NAFO member state,
-scientist or civil servant of education or governmental sector,
– have at least Bachelor degree,
– have a good command of speaking and writing English,
-have good computer skill
-be strongly motivated and have initiative and leadership skills.

For more detailed information, please, contact International Cooperation Department:
E-mail: oms@mstu.edu.ru
Telefax: 23 31 12

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