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Post-graduate Programmes

02.00.00 Chemical Sciences
Kinetics of Chemical Reactions
Modern Chemistry Problems
Structure of Matter
Physical-Chemical Analysis Methods
Physical Chemistry of Polymers
Physical Chemistry
Kinetics of Chemical Reactions
Colloid-Chemical Basics of Environmental Protection
Surface Phenomena and Disperse Systems in Food Technology
Rheology of Disperse Systems and Materials
Physical Chemistry of Polymers
03.00.00 Biological Sciences
Fish Mariculture
Fish Systematics
Fish Ecology
Fish Embryology
Assessment and Stability Status of Ecosystems
Social Aspects in Ecology
Ecology and Rational Environmental Management
Aquatic Bioresources and Aquaculture
Hydro Microbiology of Sea and Brackish Basins
Microbiology of Fresh Basins
Hydrochemistry and Biochemistry of Aquatic Ecosystems
Mathematical and Statistical Analysis in Biology
Control Methods of Water Environment. Bioindication and Biotesting
Basics of Aquatic Toxicology and Parasitology
Sanitary Virology of Aquatic Ecosystems
Sanitary Hydrobiology
Sanitary Microbiology of Aquatic Ecosystems
Aquatic Ecosystems Ecology
Biological Resources of the World Ocean
05.00.00 Technical Sciences
Materials Science. Technology of Structural Materials
Metrology, Standardization, Certification and Industrial Measurements
Basics of Research
Technical Maintenance of Fleet
Ship Repairing Technology
Experimental Research Methods of the Ship Power Plants
Diagnosis basics of the Ship Technical Facilities
Ship Power Plants and their Elements
Automatic Control and Regulation
Diagnosis of Automated Systems
Complementary Sections of Management Theory
Data Measuring Systems
Reliability of Automated Systems
Basics of Applied Statistics
Programming Tools of Automated Systems Management
Automation Systems of Technological Processes and Manufacturing
Elements of Human-Computer Interface
Mathematical Simulation in Science and Engineering. Numerical Methods
Sources and Systems of Factories Heat Supply
Mathematical Simulation and Optimization of the Thermal Power Processes
Technological Energy Carriers of Factories
Fundamental Basics of Industrial Thermal Power
Power Industry of the Heat Technology
Power Saving and Renewable Energy
Main courses:
Actual Status of Russian Agroindustrial Complex
Industrial Microbiology
Technology of Meat, Milk and Fish Products and Refrigerant Production

Elective courses:
Modern Methods of Research in the Food Raw Material Technology

Measurements in Researches
Mathematical Simulation of Dynamic Processes
Scientific Basics of Effectiveness Increasing of Technological and Refrigerant Equipment in Food Industry
Scientific Basics of Cold Production and Application in Food Industry
Similarity Theory in Research of Processes and Mechanisms
Processes and Machinery of Food Industry
Modern Refrigerant Equipment
Specific Processes of Food Industry
Thermal Equipment of Food Industry
Engineering Thermodynamics and Heat Transmission
Main courses:
Actual Status of Russian Agroindustrial Complex
Industrial Microbiology
Technology of Catering Products
Commodity Science of Food Products

Elective courses:
Modern Methods of Research in the Food Raw Material Technology

Automobile Transport Exploitation
General Questions of Transport Development
Optimization of Technological Processes in Automobile Transport by Mathematical Simulation Methods
Traffic Organization and Safety
Vehicle Technical Maintenance
Main courses:
Safety Navigation
Ship Positioning on Given Route
Global Positioning System, Automatic Identification System
Theoretic Aspects of Ship Handling
Technical Facilities of Ship Handling
Sea Transport Exploitation
Mathematical Basics of Ship Navigation

Elective courses:
Navigation and Electronic Cartography / Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems

08.00.00 Economic Sciences
Institutional and Evolutionary Economic Theory
Political Economy
Economic History and History of Economic Mind
Economic Theory
Institutional and Evolutionary Economics
Theoretic Basics of Specialty Occupation
Finances, Currency Circulation and Credit
World Economy Globalization
09.00.00 Philosophic Sciences
History of Philosophy
12.00.00 Juridical Sciences
History of State and Law of Russia and Foreign Countries
Civil Law
Private International Law
Business Law
Family Law
13.00.00 Pedagogical Sciences
History of Pedagogy and Education
Methods of Thesis Research Writing
Methods of Pedagogical Qualimetry
Higher School Pedagogy and Psychology
Instructional Design and Pedagogical Technologies
Theory and Methods of Pedagogical Experiment Organization
Theory and Methods of Professional Education
22.00.00 Social Sciences
Youth as a Special Social Demographic Group in Social Space
25.00.00 Earth Sciences
Geology and Geochronology of Precambrian Regions
Petrology and Mineralization
Physics of Atmosphere and Hydrosphere

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