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Master’s programmes

Programme Degree Study Period Language of Instruction
Technosphere Safety: programme detailsMaster2 yearsRussian
Water Transport Management and Navigation Hydrographic Support: Master2 yearsRussian
Production Technology and Catering (orientation: New Food Products for a Rational and Balanced Nutrition): programme detailsMaster2 yearsRussian
Food Products of Animal Origin: Master2 yearsRussian
Law Sciences: orientation: Corporate Lawyer, orientation: Legal Regulation of the Fishing IndustryMaster2 yearsRussian
Applied Computer Science: Applied Computer Science in AnalyticsMaster2 yearsRussian
Management: Project and Programme ManagementMaster2 yearsPartly Russian (some courses in English)
Ecology and Nature Management: Master2 yearsRussian
Geology: Master2 yearsRussian
Biology: Hydrobiology, Biochemistry and Microbiology, Microbiology and VirologyMaster2 yearsRussian
Economics: orientation World EconomyMaster2 yearsPartly Russian (some courses in English)

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