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Practical Information

About Murmansk

Along with the administrative functions of the recognized capital of the Russian Polar region, Murmansk takes leading positions in the economy of the region as its financial, business, demographic and cultural centre.

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Places to visit

Murmansk is a place where you can learn about the High North culture and way of living by visiting museums, theatres and historical places.

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Murmansk Regional Government

The Murmansk Region is situated in the North-West of European Russia and is obviously one of the strategic areas of the country in the North-Western Federal District.

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7 reasons to visit the Murmansk region

Everybody who once visited the Kola land, will never forget the charm of the north and hearty hospitality of Murmansk natives. But what tantalize travellers to the Kola Peninsula? There are hundreds of reasons to visit the Murmansk region, but for the start let’s define 7 crucial ones.

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Public transport

The public transport in Murmansk includes buses, trolleybuses, and minibuses. You can learn about the schedule and find the best route to any place in Murmansk by using up-to-date live maps. Pay attention to buses № 1, 5, 29, 33; trolley-buses № 2, 4; mini-buses № 33, 54, 55, 61, 62.

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How to arrive in Murmansk

There are different ways to arrive in Murmansk including airplanes, trains, water transport and motor transport.

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Emergency phones

An unexpected situation one cannot cope with may happen to everyone. In this case you should ask special emergency services for help which workers come to the rescue as soon as possible.

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