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Pre-university Courses

Pre-university Training and Career Guidance Centre offers following preparatory courses for foreign nationals who are planning to enter Murmansk State Technical University:

Russian language Number of contact academic hours*
Russian as a foreign language

(A1 / Breakthrough Level)

Russian as a foreign language

(A2 / Waystage Level)

Russian as a foreign language (В1 / Threshold Level) 756
General professional subject Number of contact academic hours*
Orientation "Natural Sciences": Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry 164
Orientation "Engineering and Technology": Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science 164

Note: Tuition fee is 95000 RUB in total. The advanced payment is 30% of the fee. The course shall begin when 12 people are enrolled. The course will last for 9 months starting from October

Note: 1 academic hour = 45 minutes, contact hour means study in class.

Period of study: October 1 — June 30 (9 months)

Application period *: May 15 — September 15

* Later dates can be considered on the individual basis

At the end of the course a student will be able to take entrance exams to the MSTU

Updating date: 13.03.21