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Preparatory Courses

Pre-university Training and Career Guidance Faculty offers the following preparatory courses for foreign nationals who are planning to enter Murmansk State Technical University:

Russian language:

Course Number of contact academic hours* Tuition fee*
Russian as a foreign language

(A1 / Breakthrough Level)

122 11603 RUB
Russian as a foreign language

(A2 / Waystage Level)

202 19224 RUB
Russian as a foreign language (В1 / Threshold Level) 422 40205 RUB

General professional subjects:

  • Orientation "Natural Sciences": Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
  • Orientation "Engineering and Technology": Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science
  • Orientation "Economics": Social Studies, History, Mathematics
Unit Amount of contact academic hours* Tuition fee*
General professional subjects Module 1 136 12939 RUB
General professional subjects Module 2 136 12939 RUB

Note: The tables show the tuition fee per student (studying in the group not less than 8 participants).

Note: 1 academic hour = 45 minutes, contact hour means study in class.

Period of study: October 1 — June 30 (9 months)

Application period: May 15 — September 15

At the end of the course a student will be given a Preparatory Courses Certificate which will allow a student to take entrance exams to the university.

List of required documents to be submitted for the preparatory courses:

  • personal application;
  • copy of international passport valid not less than 18 months since the arrival date plus notarized translation into Russian;
  • copy of the entry visa to the Russian Federation if a foreign national needs a visa to come to Russia;
  • notarized copy of the Certificate of Complete Secondary Education of the national standard, certified in the prescribed manner, with transcripts;
  • certified translation of the education certificate and its annexes into Russian;
  • copies of any other relevant competition or achievement certificates
  • copy of the Birth Certificate
  • copy of official Medical Certificate of overall health condition including HIV + AIDS certificates
  • 4 colour matte photos of 3,5x4,5 cm size.

Additional expenses related to the course might include course materials purchase (set of course book, work book and CD).

The person to be contacted regarding the course content issues:

  • Saida Ibatullina, Head of Preparatory Courses +7 8152 40 32 94
    e-mail: pdg@mstu.edu.ru,
  • regarding the practical issues: Elena Moiseenko, senior international students coordinator +7 8152 40 32 38
    e-mail: MoiseenkoEA@mstu.edu.ru

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