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Bachelor’s programmes

Programme Degree Study Period Language of Instruction
04.03.01 Chemistry (orientation: Inorganic Chemistry and Chemistry of Coordination Connections): Bachelor4 yearRussian
05.03.01 Geology (orientation: Geology): Bachelor4 yearRussian
05.03.06 Ecology and Nature Management (orientation: Geoecology): programme detailsBachelor4 yearRussian
06.03.01 Biology (orientation: Microbiology): programme detailsBachelor4 yearRussian
08.03.01 Construction (orientation: Industrial and Civil Engineering): Bachelor4 yearRussian
09.03.01 Computer Science and Engineering (orientation: Computer Software and Automated Systems): programme detailsBachelor4 yearRussian
09.03.02 Information Systems and Technology (orientation: Geographic Information Systems): Bachelor4 yearRussian
13.03.01 Heat Technology and Heat Power Engineering (orientation: Power Supply of the Enterprises): Bachelor4 yearRussian
13.03.02 Electricity and Electrical Engineering (orientation: Electric Power Supply): Bachelor4 yearRussian
15.03.04 Automation of Technological Processes and Production (orientation: Management Information Systems): Bachelor4 yearRussian
16.03.03 Refrigerant and Cryogenic Equipment and Life Support Systems (orientation: Refrigeration Technology): Bachelor4 yearRussian
19.03.01 Biotechnology (orientation: Food Biotechnology): Bachelor4 yearRussian
19.03.03 Food Products of Animal Origin (orientation: Emerging Technologies in Aquatic Biological Resources Treatment): programme detailsBachelor4 yearRussian
19.03.04 Production Technology and Catering (orientation: Product Technology and Restaurant Management): Bachelor4 yearRussian
20.03.01 Technosphere Safety (orientation: Environmental Engineering): Environmental EngineeringBachelor4 yearRussian
23.01.01 Oil and Gas Business (orientation: Arctic Shelf Oil and Gas Facilities Operation and Maintenance): programme detailsBachelor4 yearRussian
23.03.03 Operation of Transport-technological Machines and Complexes (orientation: Automobiles and Automobile Industry): Bachelor4 yearRussian
26.03.02 Shipbuilding, Ocean Engineering and System Engineering of Marine Infrastructure (orientation: Ship Power Plants): Bachelor4 yearRussian
27.03.05 Innovation Studies (orientation: Innovation Management): Bachelor4 yearRussian
35.03.08 Aquaculture and Aquatic Bioresources (orientation: Aquaculture and Aquatic Bioresources of the Arctic Region): Bachelor4 yearRussian

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